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Nitrogen, Hydrogen & Zero-air generators.
Ultra-high purity gas for LCMS, GC, TOC, FTIR.
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Why choose Laboratory Gas Africa?

  • All our gas generators are supplied with a comprehensive 2 year / 8000 hours warranty (longest on the market)
  • Our gas generators reach high pressures (up to 15 bar) and high flows (up to 1.2L/min for H2 and 1000L/min for N2).
  • Using advanced internet connectivity, generators can be diagnosed and troubleshooted from anywhere in the world. Should we not be able to, this interface allows us to determine the most likely spares needed for the fix meaning a near 100% “first-time-fix” record.
Laboratory Gas Africa Woman Scientist
  • We don’t only provide gas generators, we integrate with your existing system and can install new high-purity gas lines or fix old ones.
  • All generators have touch screen interfaces where all parameters can be determined in real time – no more analogue gauges.
  • For QA purposes, the screen displays output trends to ensure specific flow rates and pressures are being maintained. IQ/OQ certification available for every generator

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