SAES Pure Gas Palladium Hydrogen Purifiers produce the purest hydrogen on the planet.  The patented Micro-Channel design offer the most significant innovation in hydrogen gas purification in over 20 years. The advanced Hydrogen purifier offers higher flow capacity with lower cost and improved durability for high-volume manufacturing processes. SAES Pure Gas Hydrogen purifiers deliver 9N’s (99.9999999%) purity with typical levels.

The PS7-PD2 includes two Palladium cells in parallel, in a compact enclosure for a wide range of flows for bulk gas supply of many process tools at large LED and semiconductor fabs. The dual Palladium cells purify the entire inlet Hydrogen flow.  The enclosure is suited for installation near the process tools or in a bulk gas room.


• Ultra-pure hydrogen from any source
• < 99.9999999% purity; < 1 ppb total impurities
• Patented palladium micro-channel technology
• High flow capacity up to 2,170 slpm (140 Nm3/hr.)
• Lowest power consumption
• Smallest footprint
• Nitrogen purge system
• 5.0″ Color touchscreen HMI with PLC


Hydrogen Purifier


Advantages of Palladium:
• Only hydrogen passes through to the pure side – the purest gas
• Every impurity is removed – no exceptions
• Unlimited lifetime – non-consumable technology
• Separates pure H2 from source gas with ppm or % level impurities
• Easy to verify performance with in-situ helium leak test


• GaN epitaxy
• Silicon carbide (SiC) epitaxy
• Photovoltaics
• Polysilicon production
• Semiconductor
• Fiber optic processes
• Fuel cells

Model: PS7-PD2-35

676slpm, 40.6Nm3/hr

Model: PS7-PD2-40

773slpm, 46.4Nm3/hr

Model: PS7-PD2-45

870slpm, 52.2Nm3/hr

Model: PS7-PD2-50

966slpm, 58.0Nm3/hr

Model: PS7-PD2-55

1,063slpm, 63.8Nm3/hr

Model: PS7-PD2-60

1,160slpm, 69.6Nm3/hr

Model: PS7-PD2-65

1,256slpm, 75.4Nm3/hr

Model: PS7-PD2-70

1,353lpm, 81.2Nm3/hr


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