Don’t have the capital for the entire purchase, why not lease?

Leasing protects an organisations cashflow and budgets. Whatever your business, the most important thing for your company is not to own equipment but to gain the best productivity during its useful life. Designed with this in mind, our rental packages provide affordable solutions for your laboratory:
  • Up to 100% of purchase cost financed
  • Cashflow preserved
  • Flexible payment options


Technical Advantages

  • Available on the full range of LGA products
  • LGA-trained/accredited customer service
  • LGA guarantee and support
  • Streamlined LGA assistance

Financial Advantages

  • Budgeted from operating expenditure
  • Immediate savings used to offset the payment
  • Manageable commitment period
  • Predictable usage cost
  • Reap the benefits now and only pay later


The rental may be supplemented by additional services:

  • Standard or urgent installation
  • IQ/OQ qualification
  • Preventive maintenance (rental of over 12 months)
  • Extended guarantee