About Laboratory Gas Africa

What we do

LGA provides custom gas delivery solutions to laboratories with specific gas requirements. LGA was born out of the need for independent advice about gas delivery solutions to South African and African laboratories. We specialise in gas-saving options such as Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Zero-Air gas generators, however we also provide Liquid Nitrogen generators, Gas-line installations and anything relating to laboratory gas such as regulators, pipe fittings, gauges, change-overs etc.


LGA provides a wide range of products allowing it to find the best solution for any laboratory. Furthermore, LGA provides ongoing support and service for any equipment it supplies. With local spares and technicians, the customer can rest-assured knowing their gas supply is safe and secure.

  • Gas Generators (Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Air)
  • Liquid Nitrogen Generators
  • Hydrogen Purifiers
  • Gas-line Installations
  • Gas Safety Training
  • Service, Maintenance and Accreditation (SACGA)


About Laboratory Gas Africa




Laboratory Gas Africa Woman Scientist

Who are we?

LGA is run by scientists who understand the gas requirements of analytical laboratories. We specialises in providing pure, accurate and hassle-free gas equipment to laboratories throughout Africa. From advice and consultation about gas-saving options to gas purifiers, switch-overs, fittings and manifolds; no challenge is too big or too small.